attendance management

Having an effective attendance management policy and procedure means your business is clear in its expectations around employee attendance and your employees are clear in return. It also means you have the tools to manage attendance concerns promptly and support improvement where required.


As an employer, you anticipate employees may need time off if they are ill or for unexpected reasons.  However, repeated or long-term absences from work can have a major effect on productivity, finances and team morale in any business.


Through a fair and professional approach to absenteeism, we can help you cultivate a healthy workplace where absenteeism is less likely to happen and bring extensive experience to see a way through even the most sensitive of situations.


Our flexible service means you can choose exactly the right level of support to manage absence; from phone advice to allowing us to manage the situation for you.


We can:


  • Advise and guide you in dealing with absence so you feel confident in doing this yourself.

  • Manage long-term absences for you, including liaising with doctors and other agencies and undertaking home visits.

  • Help to tackle short-term absence to resolve them for you.

  • Help to manage the employee’s departure from the business and terminating their employment in a way that is fair and legally sound.


From annual or emergency leave to sickness absence management, Cormack HR can give you the tools and confidence to manage attendance yourself or take away some of the practical workload and manage absence directly for you.