managing conduct, disciplinary and grievances

Successful businesses depend on the good conduct of their employees. However, there may be times when an employee’s behaviour at work causes problems that need to be addressed.  Misconduct can be wide-ranging from persistent lateness or attitude towards colleagues to serious breaches deemed gross misconduct that can impact on your business’s performance, reputation or exposure to risk.  There may also be times when an employee raises a complaint against you as an employer, or a grievance against another colleague.


All of these situations can feel complex, stressful and time-consuming for those involved.  Further to the introduction of the ACAS Disciplinary and Grievance Code, all employers, regardless of size, should operate minimum dismissal, disciplinary and grievance procedures.  Cormack HR can advise you on application of best practice while taking account of the pressures of your business environment.


We are here to help you deal with small issues quickly so they don’t grow into larger problems.  We can also offer a professional approach and independent perspective to situations that might feel too personal to deal with yourself.


There are many methods that can be used to turn a problematic situation around and these will depend on the scale of the situation.  If a quiet word is all that’s required to resolve the issue, we can brief your manager on how to handle this. If the situation requires a formal disciplinary meeting, we can skilfully steer you through it, on-site or remotely. If an employee raises a complaint, we can support you to manage the process, stepping in to carry out investigations or attend meetings.


We can:


  • Ensure your policies and procedures comply with legal requirements and best practice.

  • Help you plan and manage your approach to a situation, ensuring you are complying with your own policies and have appropriate documentation.

  • Provide you with helpful meeting guides and advice to facilitate effective meetings.

  • Undertake investigations including any witness interviews and produce an evidence-based report.

  • Chair disciplinary or grievance meetings for you.