policies, procedures and standardised documentation

Every company needs robust HR policies and procedures to help it manage and support its people.  Policies and procedures support both compliance with employment regulations and consistency in the approach of different Managers / Directors in your business. They also communicate your company’s operating principles to your people and let your employees know what to expect in different situations.


At Cormack HR, we can advise and assist in the preparation of policies and procedures that suit the culture of your organisation, are user-friendly and provide solid practical advice to both employer and employee.


Whether it’s a review of existing policies or building a suite from scratch, we’re here to assist.


No matter how small or large your business, consistency in your approach to employee matters is important.  It shows you have standard processes and record systems in place and promotes fairness for your employees. This is particularly important when dealing with promotions, disciplinary hearings or redundancy decisions based on attendance and performance.


Cormack HR can provide a comprehensive list of document templates, ranging from performance to absence management, that are customised for your business.