change and crisis management

Within every business, there are particular times of planned change or unplanned crisis that need careful attention to employee rights and welfare.


Ever-changing environments mean that all businesses must adapt to be successful.  Restructures or redesigns may involve changing workforce requirements, ranging from redundancies to different skills to growth in employee workforce.


Change can cause uncertainty and anxiety to those in the middle of it and managers can find themselves having to navigate their way through employment processes while bringing in operational change and retaining staff morale. If done well, it results in a revived business with engaged staff in roles that fit in the business. If done poorly, it can be time-consuming, costly and inhibit successful implementation of change.


We can act as your HR team, advising and supporting you in all aspects of supporting employees through change including:


  • Ensuring effective employee communications that meet your legal obligations and providing helpful scripts.

  • Providing robust documentation.

  • Identifying critical posts and designing new job descriptions.

  • Planning employee engagement processes and timelines.

  • Handling meetings including individual and group redundancy consultations.

  • Being on-site to support staff after difficult announcements.


If all you need is advice over the phone to steer you in the right direction, we can do that too.


We also know that all businesses experience times of crisis when unexpected events transpire and impact on our people. Times of crisis require good communication with employees to ensure trust and morale are maintained as best they can and that unsettled employees do not leave the business. 


By working with Cormack HR, we can help you retain the people you need and identify them employee opportunities through times of change.