performance management

The most important thing a line manager can give their employees is dedicated time, support, clear direction and feedback.  Without this, employees won’t know how or where they can improve, or, just as importantly, what they should continue to do well.


When an employee joins your business, those first few months of a probationary period are vital for monitoring progress, providing feedback and closing skills gaps to ensure your investment in them proves worthwhile.


However, the same principles should apply to existing employees so they have an opportunity to discuss their roles, work goals, individual aspirations and any development needs.


Having the right framework within which good performance management can flourish is essential for any well-performing workforce. 


Cormack HR can develop and implement an employee performance management programme that is tailored to your business.  Our services include creating effective performance management policies and procedures, developing customised performance review templates and conducting employee and management / supervisory training and coaching.


We can also assist where poor performance is an issue by helping you to identify the root cause and the best solution including supported improvement planning.